Governor Signs Lackey Bill to Conduct Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis Research


On Wednesday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 127 which would allow for research for driving under the influence of cannabis.

Existing law prohibits a person who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or the combined influence of alcohol or drugs from driving a vehicle. A violation of this prohibition is a crime.

This bill would exempt from that prohibition a person who is under the influence of a drug or the combined influence of an alcoholic beverage and a drug for purposes of conducting research on impaired driving while driving a vehicle under the supervision of, and on the property of, the Department of the California Highway Patrol.

“California has been a leader in regards to the decriminalization of cannabis use for adults but one of the open-ended questions that is a legitimate question is public safety on the roads and to address the issues of impaired driving. I am about to sign a law that allows the CHP to and other law enforcement to actually do the research and engage individuals in a way where we can actually determine a more appropriate way to address field sobriety to make sure we can keep people safe,” said Newsom.

On July 1, the bill passed the State Assembly in a 78-0 vote while the Senate passed the bill 40-0 on June 17.

With the Governors signature, the bill goes not effect immediately so research can begin.


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