Bill Preventing Taxpayer-Funded Settlements for Lawmakers Accused of Sexual Misconduct Killed


So much for the #MeToo movement in Sacramento. A bill introduced by Assemblyman Steven Choi (R-Irvine) was killed which would have banned taxpayer-funded settlements for lawmakers accused of sexual misconduct.

According to the votes, not a single Democrat supported the Assembly Bill 1094.

The Government Claims Act governs the liability and immunity of public entities and their officers and employees, claims and actions against public entities and their officers and employees, insurance indemnification, and the defense of public officers and employees. Under existing law, claims under the Government Claims Act include tort claims as well as certain contract claims.
This bill would, in an action alleging conduct by a Member of the Legislature that constitutes sexual harassment, as defined, prohibit either house of the Legislature from paying any compromise or settlement of the action.


The bill was not brought forward with 16 in favor and 45 voting against it with another 19 Assemblymembers not casting a vote. Click here to see the vote.

According to a Statement by the California Assembly Republicans on Facebook, they said with this vote, Democrats sided with sex predator lawmakers instead of victims and taxpayers (who are still on the hook for paying out settlements).


  1. I agree with the bill but not for the same reasons. The bill in my opinion would discourage false claims of harassment for monetary gain. So not funding victim’s claims of sexual harassment with this bill would in fact decrease the demand for such claims to be made. For now I am on the sex offender registry so I see it with different eyes.


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