Melendez Calls State Budget “A Failure to Solve Real Problems”


SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, issued the following statement following the passage of the California State Budget:

“Legislative Democrats are more than willing to continue spending other people’s money while having little to no success to point to.

“Los Angeles spent over half a billion dollars last year to ‘fight’ homelessness.  The result was an embarrassing 12% increase in homelessness. This year’s budget proposes spending $650 million on ‘fighting’ homelessness for the entire state, the bulk of that money likely destined for cities like Los Angeles, which failed miserably at its last attempt. No Californian should expect that the State will do a better job, because the Democrat majority party has shown they’re incompetent at problem solving.

“The ‘healthcare for all’ ideology is embedded in this budget as well, by way of forcing every legal citizen of California to purchase insurance or face a $695.00 fine, but giving it away for free to illegal aliens.

“We are number one in poverty in the nation; we have the most homeless; the worst roads despite the highest gas tax; a housing shortage crisis; and a great need to build water storage yet no storage being built.

“If a budget is a statement of values, then legislative Democrats are clearly stating what they value most is getting re-elected by stripping people of their personal dignity and keeping them dependent on government.”

Editors Note:

In a Facebook Post, Melendez pointed out what she called “Pork” and even included a nice photograph of a pig. Here is what she wrote:

Just what is all the pork in the budget we’re going to vote on today you ask? Here’s what your money will purchase for your democrat legislators.

  • $2.5 million one-time to UC Los Angeles Latino Policy and Politics Initiative.
  • $3.85 million one-time to UC for firearms-violence prevention training for health care
  • $10 million one-time for Conservation Genomics.
  • $2 million one-time for the Marine Mammal Center.
  • $1 million one-time for the Bulosan Filipino Studies Center at UC Davis.
  • $2 million one-time for the UC Berkeley Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies
  • $0.7 million one-time to CSU, Dominquez Hills Mervyn Dymally African American
    Political and Economic Institute.
  • $6.13 million Del Mar Bluffs Stabilization project.
  • $10 million to create a parking lot at Discovery Science Center of Orange County.
  • $1.1 million General Fund one-time to support construction of two LGBTQ public spaces
    in San Francisco.
  • $9.25 million General Fund one-time for the Atmospheric Rivers: Research, Mitigation,
    and Climate Forecasting Program.
  • $17 million General Fund one-time for fish screens for water conveyance tunnel between
    Lake Nacimiento and Lake San Antonio. (San Luis Obispo County).
  • $500,000 General Fund one-time Rancho Bernardo Dog Park in the City of San Diego.
  • $1.7 million General Fund one-time Huntington Beach Blufftop Path.
  • $500,000 General Fund one-time Newport Beach Sculpture Garden.
  • $2.9 million General Fund one-time Crystal Cove Cottage Restoration.
  • $3 million General Fund one-time City of Rancho Cucamonga Community Dog Park.
  • $5 million General Fund one-time Discovery Cube LA Sustainable Park in the City of Los
  • $5 million General Fund one-time Salinas Soccer Complex in the City of Salinas.
  • $5 million General Fund for suicide prevention measures on the San Diego-Coronado
  • $2 million General Fund one-time to support the International AIDS Conference.
  • $4 million General Fund one-time for the Elk Grove Food Bank Relocation.
  • $1.7 million General Fund one-time for the Orange County Diaper Bank.
  • $5 million for outreach and education regarding labor protection and rights for domestic workers and other low-wage industries.
  • $10 million for the Destination Crenshaw Project.
  • $1.5 million for the Pacific Beach Boulevard Promenade in the City of Pacifica.
  • $21 million for Park Boulevard AtGrade Crossing Project in the City of San Diego.
  • $4 million for the India Basin remediation project in San Francisco.
  • $1.2 million for the South Bay Cities Council of Governments fiber optic network.
  • $5 million for grants to limit barriers for homeless individuals with pets.
  • $3.5 million for the Mission Heritage Plaza Affordable Housing and Civil Rights Institute.
  • $5 million General Fund to fund the transition of the Challenger Memorial Youth Center
    in LA into a residential vocational training center for young adults

She also continued with a series of tweets:

Last year LA spent $619M on homelessness. Result? 12% INCREASE in homelessness. Sacramento democrats today voted to spend $650M on homelessness statewide. Expect similar results. But hey, at least there’s that $3M dog park they’re building. MM.

CA has the most homeless in the nation. CA also has the most homeless veterans in the nation. CA is number one in poverty in the nation. Democrats voted today to spend $10M on a pkng lot $3.5M on a dog park $500K on a sculpture garden MM

Californians will face a $695 fine if they don’t purchase health insurance per the new budget. For people under 18 years old, the fine will be half that amount. MM

California taxpayers spend an estimated $23 billion a year on illegal immigrant expenses. That cost will increase tomorrow, when the Legislature votes to provide free health care to them. MM



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