California Budget Calls for Increase in Housing and Homeless Spending


On Tuesday, a proposed Budget Deal that will be voted on later this week in the California State Assembly calls for a $214.8 billion budget, which includes $2.4 billion in spending on the state’s housing and homelessness crisis.

The document, Floor Report 2019-20 State Budget, was released by Assemblymember Phil Ting which is a 135 page document that accompanies his Assembly Bill 74.

Housing and Homelessness. The budget includes $500 million in one-time funds for housing-related infrastructure to help boost needed construction, $500 million (one-time) for a mixed-income loan program through CalHFA, $500 million in one-time funds to expand the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, $250 million for planning grants to help local jurisdictions work through the Regional Housing Needs Assessment, and $650 million in one-time funds to help local jurisdictions address the homelessness crisis.

Some of the line items in the package include:

  • Includes $389,000 in 2019-20 and $359,000 ongoing for two positions to expand the Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council (Council) and implement SB 918, (Weiner, Chapter 841, Statutes of 2018), the Homeless Youth Act of 2018.
  • Provides $1.4 million in 2019-20, and $1.2 million ongoing, (General Fund) for eight positions to expand and enhance its housing element review and enforcement functions
  • Approves $981,000 and six positions to provide resources to the Homeless Coordinating Council to continue work related to the Homeless Emergency Aid Program.
  • Includes $3.4 million (General Fund) in 2019-20, to implement the development of affordable housing on state-owned land.
  • Includes $1 million for Homeless prevention in Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista to fund each of the four cities with $250,000 each for homelessness prevention.
  • Approves $1.5 million for Cathedral City Veterans Housing to fund a veteran’s housing project in Cathedral City.
  • Includes $3.5 million for the Mission Heritage Plaza Affordable Housing and Civil Rights Institute: a mixed use, 72-unit affordable housing community with office for Fair Housing Diversity Center, and publically accessible meeting spaces for non-profits.
  • Funds the Boys and Girls Clubs of Los Angeles at $400,000 to pay for loan interest forgiveness.
  • Includes $1 million for the O.C. Housing Trust for the development of permanent supportive housing
  • Provides the City of San Bernardino General Plan with $3 million to develop General Plan amendments.
  • Adopts $5 million to City of Ontario for a Downtown Ontario Revitalization project featuring 65 units of low-to-moderate income housing, coupled with Business Technology Incubator with a centrally located Workforce Development Center
  • Provides $300,000 for the City and County of San Francisco for a planning grant to build capacity for Community Development on the West side of San Francisco.
  • Adopts $5 million for grants to limit barriers for homeless individuals with pets.

The State Legislator will take up the Budget Proposal on Thursday and lawmakers have until June 15 to enact a new budget.




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